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XPREEN 無線充電LED吸黑頭粉刺機


・4段吸力, 無線充電

・LED燈, 4個不同吸頭




Xpreen Wireless Charging Blackhead Remover with LED Lighting Function

The blackhead remover is easy to deeply purify pores, remove blackheads, acnes and facial oil inside skin and pores, helps to keep your skin gentle and full of vitality. It charges with wireless induction, portable to take and durable to use. If you wanna to be much more charming, just get one, miracles will appear.

Using Methods:
1. Clean your face to open the pore.
2. Insert the isolation pads into the slot at the top of the cleaner, select the proper probe and install it on the nozzle.
3. Short press the ON/OFF button to open the cleaner. The default is the Soft level.
4. Short press up or down of the Levels Adjusting Button to choose the proper level. 
5. Gently hold the probe close to your face to remove blackheads, and slowly move the probe.
6. After cleaning, short press ON/OFF button to shut down.
7. Remove the probe, wipe the dirt off with cotton swab, then wash it clean and dry. 
8. If the natural light outside is insufficient, you are able to long press ON/OFF button to turn on or shutdown LED lighting system.
1. Do not let the probe stay in one place for too long, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically. 
2. Please keep the body away from water or other liquid.
3. Please do not use chemical cleaner so as to avoid corrosion.

Package Contents:
1* Wireless Charging Blackhead Remover
1* Big Round Probe
1* Small Round Probe
1* Oval Probe
1* Microcrystalline Probe
1* Wireless Charging Base
1* Charging Cable
1* Pack of Isolation Sponge Pads
1* Stainless Steel Blackhead Removal Needle
1* User Manual


20cm x 14cm x 5cm (7.87in x 5.51in x 1.97in)


One Year Warranty

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