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Kodak 柯達高清IP監控攝像頭 CFH-V15
  • 具備了左右350度,上下100度可移動視角拍攝功能,Pan/Tile雲台式鏡頭, 水平57°垂直31°
  • 支援高清視頻傳輸,夜視, WDR, 高光暗反差協調技術
  • 雙向對話功能(2 Way Audio)
  • 在黑喑環境中可監視遠致24英尺物體,使用者不在家的情況下發送異常通知
  • 搭配免費 iSecurity+軟體使用,已推出Android和iOS版
  • 支持網頁監控 ,https://connectedfamilyhome.com 
  • 獨家Kodak IFTTT保安系統, 可連接V系列鏡頭作高階設定
  • 免費雲端影像儲存功能,智能錄影計畫, 可減少多餘影像
  • 802.11b/g/n WLAN

Easy installation

Forget the hassle of installation CDs and complicated user manuals. Just download the free iSecurity+ app to your mobile device. You don't even need a computer or laptop!

See it all

Whether you're at a friend's, at work, or on vacation, you can view what matters most to you within seconds. With the CFH-V15, you can pan 350° and tilt up and down, no matter where you are! With smooth video, crisp digital audio, and night vision, you'll feel like you're right there, day or night.

Never miss a moment

Your monitor comes with Lifetime 1-Day Cloud Storage; motion-triggered video clips from the past 24 hours are recorded and stored in the cloud so you never miss a moment. Or you can buy 14-Day and 30-Day Cloud Storage Plans.

Technology you'll love

All you need to know is that you'll get exceptional daylight images with vibrant colors, and unparalleled night vision. We take care of it with things like state-of-the-art low lux CMOS imaging sensors with cutting edge IR filters.



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